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My First Trip To Las Vegas, Almost Got In A Accident.

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Hey guys welcome to my website, In this blog I will tell you about my first time in Last Vegas. Down below are photos I took from my vacation.

On February 12-17, 2020, I went on a girls trip to Las Vegas. This would be my first trip there and a experience I will never forget.

Two days prior, it snows in my location. On the day of my trip Saturday 13, it was snowing once again. My plan was to get a Uber or Lyft to the airport. I woke up at 7a, thinking it would be enough time to catch my 3pm flight, was I wrong.

After getting ready, around 9 I decided to try to get a Lyft, Taxi and a Uber. The taxi was a No-go. By 12 I was still unable to gettransprtation so I decided that I will drive instead. Something I definitely didn't want to do.

Around 12:15 I decided to take my luggage to my car and clean the snow off my car. By 12;45 I was done cleaning my car but I was unable to drive my car out the parking lot due to the snow.

By 1pm I was ready to take on the 1hour airport journey. This was the most scariest time of my life since I've never driven in snow before even though I'm from New York. While driving other vehicles keep throwing the snow on my car and to make it worst my car was skipping. At this point I wanted to cancel the trip.

I got to the airport around 2:50 pm and the flight according to the check-in agent was boarding. I had to go through TSA, which took less than 5 mins, get to the train as quickly as possible to reach to the gate. By the time I got to the gate, the plane has just arrived (all that rushing for no reason). Eventually we board the plane and took off to Las Vegas,

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