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Meet Our Brand Ambassador

Long Term Influencer

Welcome to Life With Kym Long Term Influencer Sheet


1. Make your own hours and earn 10% commission every time someone uses your code
2. Get free products!
3. Get sneak peeks at new products
4. Get the chance to be featured on our social networks
5. Have the opportunity to participate in new product launches
6. Get invitations to exclusive events
7. Represent the brand at photoshoots and events


1. Have an active presence on either Instagram, YouTube, or a personal blog
2. Have a public profile
3. Follow and @_ky.m_ for a chance to become their brand ambassador/influencer
4. Have a strong following on your social media
5. Must subscribe to Life With Kym
6. Must post 3 times per week (1 Story, 2 Wall post)

In each post please be sure to shout out & and our Instagram handles They may be posted on the Instagram page so feel free to send a photo.

Join the mailing list and fill out the form below.

Sign Up: Brand Ambassador/Influencer Sign Up Sheet

Payment Form: Brand Ambassador/Influencer

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